Mental Health | Self harm


This is a hard one in some ways even if it doesnt seem it.
Channel mum have topics each month and they ask us to cover one or more of them.
I was specifically asked to cover self harm (Cathy should send me gin…) so here I am. Braving it even bough I feel a bit sick.
The week commencing the 11th is mental health though myself and Amber (Meet the wildes) are doing ours a touch early. Shes also doing a video and you can find at at –
Other videos can be found at If you need to talk or post anonomous questiuons you can use either our Channel Mum Group on facebook –
or at our new Chat forum foun here –
Try and be nice as its hard to open up and admit something that so frequently has us judged.
#SadMums #CMYANA

Help for self harm


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I’m Lisa, aka Lumdeedums and this is my little corner of odd.
I have 3 children of my own, 1 boy and 2 girls with my husband, Darren, and have been a surrogate twice.
Both TS (Traditional surrogacy) and GS (Gestational Surrogacy).
Our youngest child is undergoing diagnosis for special needs. Suspected ASD and SPD.
This process will be documented too.

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