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Welcome to the third instalment in our “Mindful Mummas” series.

A brand new series of videos where every week throughout the month of January, Holly will be joined by the lovely Emma Ross AKA “Mamalina” to bring you exciting new videos on becoming a more mindful you in 2018.

This week we got a little thrifty by challenging each other to buy an entire outfit from a charity shop… for less than £20!!!

It’s amazing the amount of clothes that are available in charity shops and by buying second hand, not only did we save money, we were also able to re-home some lovely clothes.

The charity shop swap was such a fun challenge. We didn’t know what the other person was buying for us and we didn’t know if they would like the outfit we chose for them.

This is such a sustainable way to get new clothes and as well as being good for the planet, it also makes you feel pretty good too.

We think we got some right bargains, but what do you think? Did you like the outfits? Have you ever shopped in a charity shop before? What did you buy?

If you want to see the outfit Emma got me, make sure you check out her video here: https://youtu.be/EfTKkTIbWS8

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