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Welcome to the last episode in our “Mindful Mummas” series. A brand new series of videos where every week throughout the month of January, Holly will be joined by the lovely Emma Ross AKA “Mamalina” to bring you exciting new videos on becoming a more mindful you in 2018.

So that’s it, our series is over. We would love to know what you thought so please do leave some feedback in the comments below.

In our final episode we answer some of your questions, reflect on the entire series and chat about our experience of the challenges we set at the beginning of the month. So how did i get on with Veganuary? Will i keep it up? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Don’t forget to check out Emma’s video where we answered a few more of your questions and see how she got on with her no coffee challenge: https://youtu.be/a9HNpkd-xBo

Emma’s honest post about veganism:

I’m not keen on labels but I also don’t like not being fully transparent or just going along with ‘hype’ so here goes; I don’t drink cows milk, or eat animal flesh, but I will eat cakes if they contain eggs, and a salad with some cheese if that’s the only thing on the menu. If I had it my own way, I’d be 100% vegan 100% of the time, and when I’m on my own during the day, I am, because it’s 100% my preferred way of eating and something I always seek out. But I love and live with someone who likes dairy (who has already quit meat and who we’ve agreed we’ll spend all the money we’re saving not buying meat on locally sourced, organic dairy – thanks @farmdrop whose farms literally speak of their chickens running around acres of farmland 🥚), and I’m finding eating out / at friends / abroad (Mexican vegans, where you at amigos? 🇲🇽) to be TRICKY. So I guess that makes me an antisocial vegan, and a social veg (which is not at all tricky), and I’m more than ok with that and the impact I’m having on animals lives, the environment and my body (main reasons I love veganism 🌱). How about you? How do you cope with mixed eating living? Are you strict with your diet? And are you honest with yourself and with others? #antisocialvegan #fulltimevegetarian #bahbyelabels 🍅🍆🥕🌱

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