Claire Skellon

After recently having CBT therapy myself I thought I would share what I do to keep myself mindful and ease my anxiety. I hope you get some use from this video and I wish you all a great day. x

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About me:

I’m Claire and I am a 36 year old mother of one. My beautiful daughter, Quinn, is 2 years old and I have been married to her wonderful Daddy John for 3 years. I also work full time. Please feel free to follow my journey through this epic experience that is motherhood. I started this channel a little over a year ago as just a way to remember the little things that are so easy to forget, I also wanted to remember how I feel about things during my parenting journey and if my videos help even just one mummy out there than that makes me a happy lady. You will see sit down chatty videos from me talking about anything from parenting and lifestyle as well as days outs and mummy and family vlogs. I hope you enjoy watching my videos and please do subscribe to my channel.