Lorraine Mulrooney

Although I am yet to record my miscarriage experiences for my channel (upcoming). I wanted to find out what peoples questions were regarding miscarriage. What do people have to ask someone about such a difficult experience. I received questions from ladies who have had the heartache of loosing a baby and I had questions from people wondering how to help a loved family member or friend.


I blog/vlog about everything pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, crafting, child activities, insightful reviews, and my experiences with miscarriage. I started blogging at the end of my pregnancy in 2014 and I have not looked back since, its been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Being able to keep all the memories of our family goings on means the world to me. After having a good amount of time getting to a place where I’m comfortable with my blog, I have decided to take the plunge and join YouTube.

You can expect a wide range of videos from us, which may include; Weekly Vlogs, Holiday Vlogs, Hauls, Chatty Videos, Penelope Updates, Reviews, Craft Ideas, Activity Inspriation, and lots more.

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