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We recently worked with Iceland and Channel Mum to try and reduce our waste, by going frozen… Here’s how we got on.

We used frozen ingredients to make the meals we usually eat fresh… and they tasted pretty good to be honest… and more importantly we didn’t throw anything away!!!

As well as tasting great, the meals were also much easier to prepare (as the chopping and pealing has already been done for you) and it even cost less than usual.

Why not try the “More Ways to Eat Well” challenge yourself?

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I have also popped some of our favourite recipes below so you can give them a try – Make sure you let us know which is your favourite.

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Pesto Chicken, Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables and Rocket:

Preheat oven to 200°C.
Lightly oil a roasting tray.
Add the frozen “Mediterranean vegetables”.
Add a couple of handfuls of frozen “mixed peppers”.
Place 2 frozen “chicken breasts” on top.
Coat the chicken breasts with green pesto.
Cook for 45 minutes
Serve with a big handful of fresh rocket


Wild Pink Salmon, Steamed Rice and a Super Green Salad:

Preheat oven to 200°C.
Lightly oil a roasting tray.
Add the frozen “Wild Pink Salmon”.
Drizzle with olive oil
Cook for 30-40 minutes
Microwave 1 bag of frozen “Rice” for 3 minutes
Microwave 1 bag of frozen “Super Greens”
Serve with a slice of fresh lemon


Chilli Burrito with Quinoa Salad and Homemade Guacamole:

Defrost a portion of “mixed bean quinoa” for a salad.
Defrost 2 frozen avocado halves.

For the Chilli…
On the hob, add a splash of olive oil to a hot pan.
Add a handful of frozen “diced onions” and sweat.
Add a couple of handfuls of frozen “minced beef” and brown off.
Add a couple of handfuls of frozen “mixed peppers”.
Add some frozen “mixed bean quinoa”.
Add one tin of chopped tomatoes.
Allow to simmer until cooked (Apporox. 30 mins).
Season to taste.

For the Guacamole…
Mash the defrosted avocado
Add a squeeze of fresh lemon.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

For the Wrap…
Add the Chilli to a fresh “flour tortilla wrap”.
Sprinkle with Cheese.
Add a squirt of Mayonnaise.
Throw in some fresh rocket
Wrap it up.

Serve the wrap hot with guacamole and a quinoa bean salad.


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