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Channel Mum’s psychologist-in-residence, Emma Kenny is back for part two of our Mums Mental Health Course and she’s here to talk about the signs and symptoms that you need to be aware of with regards to your mental health.

Being a mum is amazing but it can also be incredibly overwhelming when the realisation sets in that your life will never be the same again. As a result, over 80% of women suffer from a mild form of sadness, fear, anger, or anxiety after giving birth, but if those so called “baby blues” don’t go away, it may signal a more serious problem…

What are the symptoms of PND?

In the video Emma explains that the pysical and emotional symptoms you need to be aware of range from feelings of guilt and exhaustion to feeling loenly and isolated, watch the full video to see more and what to do if you think you might be suffering.

How happy are you?

Take our quiz to find out it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete, there are just 10 questions to answer and they can give you a really helpful insight into your current mental health and also help you take the first step in getting that all important extra support if you need it.

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