My Breastfeeding Experience #bressure / Ria Langner

Ria Langner

I am literally so proud to be a part of the #ChannelMum bunch this week. After plenty of research, ChannelMum grew sick of hearing how mums were losing joy in the first months of their babies being born, down to the pressures of the ‘breast is best’ vision. It was time to make a stand. And so, the baby feeding campaign was born. We are sharing our experiences to show how different they all are. We hope that this will give you the support that you may need to make choices based on what is right for you. Your opinion matters, you know best and you are amazing- breastfeeding or not, does not define you as a mother!!

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To join in, tweet about your feeding story. Use the hashtag #bressure and add @ChannelMum in too. Sharing is caring. You could make a difference to someone else’s story.

Or, write one word that sums up your baby feeding experience and share. Same hashtag and don’t forget to tag in @ChannelMum… Let’s make this thing viral… yeah?

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