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Last week was my first ever Fathers Day and I was fortunate enough to spend it together as a family. I woke up in a lovely log cabin in the peak district (complete with hot tub), as we were staying at Darwin Forest for the week, More details here:

Atlas and mummy got up super early (no change there then) to make me a wonderful breakfast in bed. I had scrambled egg and smoked salmon, on lightly toasted muffins, my favourite… and after a little lie in, I got to open my card and presents.

Like most dads at this time of year, I was given a pair of socks… but these weren’t just any socks… these Solesmith Socks were personalised with a globe and the words, “Best Dad in the World”. and you to can get some here:

I also received a beautiful hand made leather satchel, which I have had my eye on for a long time. The company who make them, Vida Vida have great quality products and also donate a bag to a school child in India for each purchase you make. Please go check out their range:

After breakfast the three of us spent the day together exploring the surrounding forest and to finish our day, once Atlas went to bed, mummy and daddy enjoyed a bit of “me time” in the hot tub.

Oh… and also, the three of us were also invited by Pizza Express, to take part in a Pizza Making Party… you can read more about the event over on my blog:

Wow what an action packed week… I need another holiday I think.

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