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When SJ went into labour everything seemed pretty smooth sailing. Her waters had broken, she was beginning to dilate and she was coping with just a TENS machine and some gas and air. She got all the way to the point of pushing without much chaos, which as we all know in the world of labours and births is pretty unheard of. And then, just at the point of pushing, she was told that baby Evelina was laying in a posterior position, or ‘back to back’. Ouch!

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What Is Posterior Labour?

It just means that baby isn’t laying in the best position for birth. Instead of facing your back like they’re meant to, baby is facing your abdomen – hence why it’s also known as ‘back to back’, ‘face up’ or ‘sunny side up’. Usually baby will turn by themselves either before labour or during, but sometimes – like in SJ’s case – baby will actually go from the correct position to a posterior position during labour. If your baby is back to back, you can still give birth naturally, but it will be more difficult and you’ll be more likely to need some sort of assistance.

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