Newborn Best Buys *VLOGMAS DAY 5*

SJ Strum

These are the newborn buys we invested in for first baby that we’re still using for baby number three. They are top investments you know will last and have worked for us! It’s hard to know what to buy and what you’ll hardly use, but all these have withstood two babies already so I know they are great quality and very useful! It’s so nice to reuse things, everything has a memory even the most practical items. I hope this is useful!

All week this week will be Baby Related so do come back each day for a new vlog including:
*Best Maternity Bras and Swimsuits*
*Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms*
*Hipster Baby Names!*
*37 Week Update*
*BabyMoon including How We Met*

And some DITL bits I hope to film as we have lots & lots on this week!

I love chatting all things baby with you guys! Not long now until this little one appears! YIKES!

*ways to follow me*

SJ xxx