NO I AM NOT FINE- My Anxiety- Mental Health

Jessica Anne

Hi Everyone,

This is my story about how I am living with Anxiety. 

Channel Mum have started a Mums Mental Health Awareness forum over on their website. Creating a safe and secure place for mums to go when they are feeling low.


Additionally, from the 13th September 2017 there will be a You Are Not Alone video course to help guide and support us through the hard times.

Mental Health

In this video, I discuss how I had bad anxiety in my teenage years which resulted in me seeking the help of a hypnotherapist. Which believe it or not was lifesaving. She taught me to be confident and helped me loss weight… but most importantly she listened. There is something about a stranger, who doesn’t know anything about you, listening to you. It’s oddly a very healing process. 

Since hypnotherapy, 8 years ago I have lived with and managed my Anxiety myself. I had good days and bad days. I still struggle with managing the control over my life and I like things to be perfect all the time, but I manage to pick myself up every time I fall down. A skill that I learnt through doing the hypnotherapy. 

Since becoming a mummy, my anxiety has been more focused on worrying about my little ones, in everyday situations and providing for them. Don’t get me wrong, being a mummy is hard and I definitely still cry a lot, but it’s different. Its less about me. Being a mummy saved me from me.

Mental health is something we should talk about more, especially as mummies. We should never feel alone. I would love to hear about your stories or if you would like to talk to me please comment bellow or email me.

I promise a more upbeat vlog next time.

I am really enjoying sharing my mummy experiences and professional childcare practitioner views with all of you. Being a Mummy is one of the most challenging/ rewarding experiences of my life, and I have learnt so much through a lot of trial and error, that I want to share my experience with you all.

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Jessica X

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