How To Save A Life | 60 Second First Aid Course | St John Ambulance & Channel Mum

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If your child needed emergency first aid would you know what to do? If they were choking or had a seizure, would you know how to respond? If the answer is ‘no’, you’re not alone as 22% of parents don’t have any baby or child first aid knowledge, yet one in five parents will be faced with a medical emergency at some stage.

What is first aid?

It’s essential that all parents learn what to do if a child is choking, having a seizure or suffers an allergic reaction, plus how to perfom basic CPR, how to treat a burn and when a sick child requires urgent medical attention.

How to save a life

By watching Channel Mum’s 60-second first aid course, you’ll be one step closer to saving a life as you’ll know exactly how to respond if you’re ever faced with a medical emergency.

When to go to the hospital

Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between a medical emergency or an accident or illness that can be treated at home, this first aid course for mums clearly outlines the signs and symptoms to look out for and when you should dial 999.

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