Our Autumn Kid’s Reading Corner

Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

It’s Autumn and within it we are celebrating Halloween & Thanksgiving and the changing of leaves too in the months of October and November. I was so excited to share with you our new reading corner I kept saying October instead of Autumn but this is our Autumn roundup for our kids reading corner. It’s such a fun season to get our kid’s reading corner organized and share the books we love so much for this season. It keeps the kids excited to have a constant rotation of books for bedtime and storytime. We are huge book worms in this house so there is never a day where we aren’t reading at least one story or two to each other. We like to take our reading one step further and make our stories come alive. Whether that is making scarecrow after we read Scarecrow Secrets or craving pumpkins after we read Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere or learning about Thanksgiving and all the history behind the holiday and why we feast on turkey to celebrate. Reading is such a good way to really bring things in our lives in full circle. Come see what we are reading this Autumn Season and stay tune for Winter and all that Christmas has to bring too. Would love to hear what you are reading to your kids? Comment below… or come say hello on my blog http://www.letstalkmommy.com or on social media @letstalkmommy on instagram, facebook, pinterest, and twitter. I am here to chat books this season. Let me know if you like my kid’s reading corner series with a thumbs up! Thanks for watching.