PCO Not PCOS & TTC | Why You Should Come Off The Pill | In Depth


PCO Not PCOS & TTC : Period Tracker | Why You Should Come Off The Pill | In Depth. Realistic advice on how to get pregnant naturally.

This is my story. This is me sharing with you what i’ve been through. Im hoping my pco not pcos story can help others and if not i hope you’ll follow me on my journey.
Trying to conceive with pco or pcos is hard. I’ve tried to give you some ttc tips.. but everyone is different. If you have any tips yourself that you can give me, please comment below.
Pcos and getting pregnant i know can be a mission 🙁

Why i think the pill is bad a you should come off it.. Now that ive let my body do its own thing, i feel better. my moods aren’t suppressed anymore and i actually ovulate naturally. Not to mention the fact i can start ttc.

The apps i use to track my periods and ovulation are #Clue and #fertility friend .

I dont have all the pcos symptoms so i cant relate to people that do, thats why i have pco ( polycystic ovaries ) with irregular periods but that is all.

I dont need to have a pcos diet or worry about acne / excessive hair growth etc… my hormones levels are fine and i dont have insulin resistance.

I’d love to know your stories, comment below or tweet me!

In depth explanation on HOW TO CONCEIVE NATURALLY. Blogpost👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

PCO NOT PCOS misdiagnosis story blogpost 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


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