Post Pregnancy Body Acceptance // Episode 2 // How My Body Made Me Feel



I have teamed up with a bunch of amazing YouTube Mums to discuss and promote acceptance of our post baby bodies.

Throughout pregnancy your body changes so much, some of those changes will be permanent, unexpected and hard to adjust to. This is the third vlog in a four part collaboration where us ‘real’ mums open up about our feelings and attitudes towards our bodies as they are now. In This ‘episode’ I’ll talk through how I felt about the changes in my body post baby.

We’re hoping to get people talking about their bodies and realising that changes are acceptable and that we should embrace them and be thankful for what they have given us.

Please go and check out the other videos in this playlist and let us know your thoughts and feelings on the subject.

Post Pregnancy Body Acceptance #LOVEYOURBABYBOD: