Potty & Toilet Training Top Tips

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Potty & Toilet Training Top Tips

This video is how I successfully potty trained my toddler. The video includes my tips on Potty training and what helped to make potty training a success.

Potty Training Guide.
• Pirate Pete potty training book
• Place the Potty in your room so your toddler can get used to it seeing it but don’t try and force potty training straight away unless of course they are asking to use it.
• Pirate Pete potty training sticker book with wall chart.
• Let your child select their own potty training pants to make them feel involved with the potty training this also makes them feel grown up.
• Try to stay at home whilst potty training for a couple of days to reduce accidents, being out increases accidents which can results in your toddler getting upset for having an accident.
• Create a potty bag for when you are out; don’t forget the spare set of clothes.
• Toilet training – buy a small toilet seat to sit on top of your toilet seat so that it is easier for them to sit on and a foot stool with rubber grips if you have tiles or laminate flooring.
• Flushable toilet wipes whilst toilet training.
• Potty training and toilet training again let your toddler feel involved by letting them pick their own fun soap to wash their hands.

Links to the potty training products from my video.

Pirate Pete Potty Training Book below

Princess Polly’s Potty

Princess Polly’s Potty sticker activity book (Potty Sticker Books)

Pirate Pete’s Potty sticker activity book (Potty Sticker Books)

BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer


Pirate Pete Big Boy Bed

My Big Girl Bed: A Princess Polly book

Pirate Pete Big Brother

I’m a New Big Sister: A Princess Polly book (Pirate Pete & Princess Polly)

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