Preparing for Baby Massage

Mumma Love Organics

You do not need to be a professionally qualified masseur to massage your baby, but some parents may initially feel daunted by something they are not experienced with. If this is the case, speak to your health visitor or local baby group to see if there are any classes that you can attend.

Alternatively, try out our instructional videos onlin, you can refer to these video for techniques and tips. It’s a good idea to read up on baby massage before you start so that you are able to understand the principles behind it, and how it may benefit you and your baby.

Before you start, you need to prepare yourself a little. You need to slow down. You need to lower the volume of everyday life and set aside 30 minutes or so to completely switch off and focus on your baby. So, no television, no phones and no loud music. Keep lights dim, noise muted and voices low. The atmosphere of the room in which you massage your baby is so important, as you want it to be relaxed, calm and safe for baby. Its a good idea to set up all your equipment too- a soft towel to lie baby on, nappy changing materials to hand, and a blanket to wrap up in afterwards.