Safe Bedsharing – guidelines from La Leche League Sweet Sleep

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Bedsharing is a beautiful, wonderful thing. We must make sure we follow the safety guidelines.
This video is based on La Leche League’s Sweet Sleep book which you can see here
“For a breastfeeding mother who is smoke, alcohol and drug free and follows the Safe Seven, the safest place to breastfeed at night is on a bed; free of gaps with no pillows or heavy covers near the baby. The most dangerous thing to do is sit up at night to feed and fall asleep in a rocking chair or couch where the baby can slip down and suffocate. When all of these seven conditions are in place, a baby in bed with his mother is at no greater risk of SIDS than if he’s alone in a cot.”

The Safe Sleep Seven:

* Non-smoking household (including maternal smoking during pregnancy)
* Sober and unimpaired caregivers
* Breastfeeding mother
* Healthy baby
* Baby on his back
* Baby not overheated
* Mother and baby sharing a surface that is free of objects, indentations, or gaps that could compromise the infant’s breathing.