DAY 15 or Elf on the Shelf and the boys had their winter school disco today and they had so much fun! Olivia and I had a sing song with a very annoying song!

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The best method of talking to us is on twitter we are always hanging out there. We are always happy to have a conversations with fans but don’t just ask us for a shoutout. Whilst we love giving shout outs it has to be because of something a fans has done we consider to be unique. I hope you understand that if we gave everyone a shout out then the whole video wold be just shout outs.

Who are we?

We are a family of 5 expecting our fourth baby in February 2017 James (Dad) Katy (Mum) Charlie (6) Harry (5) Olivia (4). We live in Plymouth and loving making the most of what our city has to offer and what the local environment has to offer. Me and Katy met in 2008, it was a love at first sight and the rest is history so they say. One day we will do a draw my life video. We love documenting our family life especially this pregnancy journey. Our baby boy will have every single day of its life documented and we think that is special.

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