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New research from WaterWipes, shows that almost half of parents have never engaged their baby with food play at home and over a third feel anxious about it. So we have been asked to explore some sensory food play ideas with Atlas.

Atlas has been allowed to experiment with food from an early age and once he had sampled some simple pureed vegetables, we quickly tried “Baby Led Weaning” to introduce new foods.

Whilst it is possible to explore food in a way that doesn’t cause too much mess, research suggests that babies who are allowed to get messy during and outside mealtimes are more likely to try new foods.

It’s important to try and introduce lots of different smells, tastes and textures so they can discover the exciting sensations food has to offer.

One bit of advice when starting with baby led weaning and sensory food play for babies is not to worry about how much they are eating… also, some of it will end up on the floor (or in their hair), but they are learning so much.

Atlas loved painting and creating a lovely Christmas snowman with food… but remember, these are just a few ideas… See what works for you and your baby, keep it simple and don’t worry about the mess. Just have some wipes handy to give everything a good clean at the end.

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