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Having sex after pregnancy for the first time can seem daunting – you may have stitches, stretch marks, and let’s face it… your vagina is never going to be the same again. But it doesn’t have to be daunting. While sex may be the last thing on your mind (and that’s perfectly okay if that’s the case!) if you ARE ready to start getting frisky again we’ve got the guide to help you make postpartum sex the best sex of your life. Welcome to the latest instalment of the Channel Mum Real Sex Guide.

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And if you have questions about sex after having a baby, you can ask anonymously in our Support Group.

How soon after giving birth can I have sex?

It’s generally recommended to wait about 6 weeks for your body to get back to (sort of) normal, but really you should wait until you feel comfortable. That may be sooner or it may be later, and if you’ve had a tear or c-section this is obviously going to be very different from someone who had a ‘straightforward’ birth. Every body and every vagina is different, so take it from your body’s cues, don’t feel pressured, and you should be fine.

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