Should mums Stay At Home? Or Go to Work?

Lulastic Hippyshake

Do you stay at home with your kids or head off to work? I try to do a bit of both, but mostly I think every mother should get a *true* choice over this.

For this to happen we need policy changes! We need equal pay and we need to value time spent with children! And the release from any stigma! Seriously, it feels as if any choice a mama makes comes with the sting of stigma.

I am a big believer in babies being close to their mama’s in those first few months. Imagine if a mum wanted to go to work AND be with her baby and her workplace supported this? Some workplaces do, you know, and I reckon there should be more of them.

I am also a big believer in children having secure, warm attachments with a small number of caregivers. If we took the research of the impact on attachment on well being we sure as HECK would give every child the chance to be with a loving caregiver- be it a parent or nanny or child care worker.

Sadly I can’t do much about any of this – apart from one thing! I will not judge a mama for her decision and I will trust she is doing the very best for her family.

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