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We all know to expect little to no sleep in those first few months of parenthood. At that age, babies need to wake up throughout the night to feed as their little bodies are physically incapable of sleeping through the night. But when they reach around 6 months old their reasons for waking may be more to do with the habit of waking as opposed to actually being hungry. At this point, you might be starting to consider different methods of ‘training’ your baby to sleep.

In this part of our Baby Sleep Course our Health Visitor Maggie Fisher is taking you through each of the different sleep training methods you might want to try, all slightly different, some slightly more gentle than others. The key is to remember that each child and parent is different. One thing may work for one family but not for others, and that’s okay! Using the information in this video, you can decide which method suits your parenting style the best and which method you feel is most likely to work with your individual child. No matter what your personal view or preference is when it comes to sleep training, we have loads of information on our Baby Sleep Guide page which will help you to gain a little more shut eye!

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And don’t forget if you need any advice about baby sleep, you can chat to Maggie and our trained parent helpers in our Support Group.

How do I sleep train my baby?

Maggie goes into the different methods in this video, but if you need a visual reminder we’ve created some fact sheets that you can screenshot or download onto your phone that lists the step-by-step process. We’ve got the Gradual Retreat Method, the Wake To Sleep Method, the Kissing Game Method, the Pick Up Put Down Method and the Controlled Checking Method. We also have a fact sheet about the ‘breath holding spells‘ you can sometimes encounter when sleep training.

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