suffocated by my own boobs. daily vlog #47

Occasional Vlog

The hottest day of the year, decade, century (ok ok exaggerating..) but it was hot! I love the weather, the sun and the heat, but it does make actually doing anything somewhat of a chore. Often lying on the floor in the coolest room in the house is the only sensible course of action.
For the more organised amongst us (i.e. me) preparing dinner early in the day is perfect so it’s there and waiting when everyone feels too hot, sticky and tired to cook. Unfortunately it doesn’t help hugely if you then put it in the fridge and order pizza……
Never mind, watching the kids play in the sprinkler if good fun, and rather fortuitous since Wiggins came back from a walk covered in horse poo! At this point, the BarkBeats Box scored one big fat tick as I had some dry shampoo and could get him clean and sweet smelling in no time. I’m definitely buying some more of that!! See information below…..
Finishing up with some Outlander heartache for Felicity and the day has ended really rather gently. Woop woop.
EJ xx

Nilaqua Pet Shampoo – stick it into Google, it’s fairly readily available.

Pet Care

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