Taking our Daughters’ Christmas Photos | Vlogmas Day Fourteen

Very Much So

Trying to get a photo of our daughters is not easy! Actually it was utter chaos and we may have used a little, well actually quite a lot, of bribery to get Lyra to sit still. However I’m really happy with the few shots that we managed to get. A lovely way to document their first Christmas together.

Call us crazy, but we’ve decided to do Vlogmas this year. It’s our first as a family of four and we want to document all of the festive goodness big and small. We have a trip to Bluestone planned, a visit to Father Christmas as well as lots of festive crafts & baking together. You’ll find a mixture of vlogs & sit down videos this December and a new video will be uploaded very day at 6pm.

Watch our Vlogmas playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIr9BRkOEafyPw2KDqXz4Cm9STnNr2Yz6

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