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Is this the year you are going to eat healthily? Why not join Lisa and Jules as they take part in our Happy Healthy Eating Challenge with Iceland. Follow the recipes and see what other things they are doing to help.

Counting calories

Using a calorie counting app can be a great way of keeping track of how much you have eaten during the day.

Tracking your exercise

Using an fitness app like a built in step counter on your phone or a fitbit can be a great way of keeping track of how much exercise you do during the day.

Find out more about getting healthy and using meal planners.

*RECIPE* Chicken flat breads with yogurt

(Serves 2)
– 4 Luxury folded flatbreads ( pack of 6)
– 4 tablespoons ( 60g) 0% onken bio yogurt
– 200g pulled chicken breast ( defrosted in fridge over night)
– 1 teaspoon Schwartz Cajun spice mix
– 1 teaspoon of oil
– Mix pulled chicken with oil and spice mix and quickly fry till hot
– Heat flatbreads in the oven till warm
– Divide chicken between each flatbread evenly and top with a good dollop of yogurt.

Taking part in this video is:

Jules Furness
Lisa Lumdeedums

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