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Christmas gift tag questions

Here are the questions:
1. Best Christmas gift ever received as a child and teen and adult
2. Worst Christmas gift received as a child and teen and adult
3. Best edible gift received
4. Best experience received or given as a Christmas gift (e.g. skydiving / spa / weekend away)
5. Best Christmas gift that you ever gave
6. Gift you are most excited about giving this Christmas
7. Hardest person to buy for on your list
8. Easiest person to buy for on your list
9. The Christmas present that surprised you most
10. Do you make a Christmas gift list of things you hope to receive?
11. Best homemade gift received as a Christmas present
12. Do you give homemade gifts? If so what are they?
13. Do you and your significant other exchange Christmas presents?
14. Do you have a Christmas stocking? If so who fills it?
15. Do you buy yourself Christmas presents?
16. When do you start buying Christmas presents and when do you finish?
17. How many people are on your list to buy for?
18. Do you do your Christmas gift shopping in store or online or both?
19. If you exchange gifts with someone ahead of Christmas do you save the gift to open on Christmas day or open it right away?
20. Do you like receiving gift certificates as Christmas presents or do you feel like it’s a cop-out?

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