The Conception Diaries 27th May 2016

Victoria Welton

The Conception Diaries. The twentiy third in a series of vlogs about our attempts in trying for a baby, secondary infertility, unexplained infertility and our decision to go for egg donation.
In this vlog I explain to you how much better I am feeling since the disappointment of the failure of our egg donation treatment back in March. I tell you all about how much the acupuncture and chinese medicine is working and it how it is helping my emotional state of mind. I feel so much better in myself and it is making a difference to my life. How I am laughing again. I have been keeping a temperature chart for my acupuncturist so she knows what is happening with my body. I also talk about Charlie from Sophias Choice and how her reflexology helped me. We were also still waiting on news from Fertility Road Magazine regarding a competition we entered. With apologies for the yawning – I recorded this vlog around midnight!

Please watch: “A Family Visit to Soar Mill Cove, a Luxury Hotel in Devon”