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Jules was told at age 15 that she wouldn’t be able to conceive a child without the use of IVF and donor eggs. In the last few years, she’s undergone IVF, which was sadly unsuccessful.

Jules and her husband have since adopted their gorgeous little boy Joshua and now she’s taking us on the journey again as she goes through the IVF process, in an attempt to give Josh a much longed for sibling. This time we get an even closer look at what happens during fertility treatment, as the egg donor is fellow vlogger, Amber from Meet The Wildes.

In this first video of Jules’ IVF diary she takes us along with her as she and husband Steve meet Amber for the very first time. They discuss the nitty gritty of how it’s going to work, how they are all feeling about the process and even use an app to see what their baby might look like.

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What Is IVF?

IVF is a medical procedure that can help a woman who are struggling to conceive a baby. There are a few different types of IVF, and the one that Jules and Amber are using is egg donation. Amber’s eggs will be fertilised with Jules’ husbands’ sperm in a laboratory. The fertilised eggs will then be transferred into Jules’ womb and one of them will hopefully stick to the uterine wall and grow into a beautiful baby.

I’m Struggling With Infertility. Where Can I Find Support?

Finding out that you need donor eggs or sperm to grow your family may have come as a shock, or you may have spent many years going through unsuccessful fertility treatment. Whatever your situation, you can always find someone to talk to in our Support Group.

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