The New Baby Name Tag | Baby name tag 2018 | Mrs Hible

Mrs Hible

The lovely SJ Strum has started her own Baby name Tag. So I decided to take part. Here are the questions if you would like to take part on your channel.

1. If you had a baby tomorrow what would you name them a boy and a girl?
2. What would you name yourself using the same first initial?
3. What would you have been called if you were the opposite sex?
4. Your favourite Vintage name for a boy & girl?
5. Your favourite Nature Names for a boy & girl?
6. Your favourite youtubers name or there children’s names?
7. Your favourite literary name?
8. Your favourite names beginning with O that’s not Oliver or Olivia?
9. What did you used to wish you were called when you were younger?
10. What name did you definitely not want or Veto?