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As much as we all love a nice bit of hot weather, it can present some real anxieties for parents of babies, particularly when out and about in the sun.

It’s not uncommon to see parents laying a muslin cloth or thin blanket over their pram in an effort to shield their baby from the sun, but it’s actually incredibly dangerous. Essentially, doing this turns your pram into a furnace, and to show you just how dangerous it can be we did this controlled test.

Another common concern is dressing baby at night when it’s hot. We’ve got that covered too. Check out our top tips here

If you have any worries or concerns at all when it comes to your baby’s health, head on over to our Chat & Support Group where we have a team of professionals waiting to answer your questions.

How Can I Keep My Baby Cool In The Hot Weather?

Keeping baby in the shade as much as possible and using thin layers are two really important tips to remember, but we have also listed lots of other top tips for keeping your baby cool (especially at night) right here 

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