The Primark Tag

Amy Being Mum

The Primark Tag is a new tag created by Lara Joanna Jarvis! You can watch her video here:

The channels I’ve tagged to take part are:
Hi I’m Amy! Welcome to “Amy being Mum” Youtube Channel!

Here are the questions if you would like to join in this tag –

How often do you go to Primark?

What is your favourite season to shop in Primark?

Who are your favourite YouTuber’s?

Have you ever owned a pair of Primark flip flops?

What’s your favourite Primark Beauty/Dupe?

What’s your best ever Primark bargain?

Do you grab a basket?!

What’s your best Primark hack or tip?

Primark home or Primark beauty??

Do you own a Primark bedding set?

What’s the more annoying thing about Primark – the underwear sizing or the jumpers bobbling?!

Is it possible to not buy a candle when you go to Primark?!

I’m a stay at home Mum to two girls, Caitlin and Elle, and run a blog as well as this Youtube channel!

We live in a small village in the North East of Scotland along with my husband Andrew!

On this channel you can expect to find tips on organisation and home management as well as vlogs of our day to day life!

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy x

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