Yesterday’s vlog:

I started the day filming a grocery haul (it will be up this or next week!), then had a lot of chores to do, but it was really hard to do it all with Harry, cause he was quite agitated. He’s doing a LOT better tho, so that’s what matters hehe

At night, me and Ben ate the last crap-food-coke kinda dinner, because the challenge starts TOMORROW guys! I’m so anxious and excited and scared! 🙈 Do you think we’ll be able to finish it?!

And the cutest thing happened too.. its been so long since the last time that Harry smiled like this while sleeping. IT’S TOO CUTE ❤️ Such a daddy’s boy!

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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel and, if you’re new here, welcome! I’m Mari and I live in the UK with my husband, Ben, but we are actually from Brazil.

We welcomed our baby boy Harry Walter Bloise-Emilião into this world last August. He’s the cutest little chubby baby and we couldn’t be happier!!

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