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Holly recently took Atlas to a new trampolining centre and it looked so awesome, that I wanted to go and check it out too. Take a look at our visit to Jump Street in Chelmsford in this weeks vlog.

The centre has a huge trampolining arena which includes dodge ball, basketball and slack-lining spaces, as well as a separate soft play area and a large clip and climb facility.

The soft play area has the usual things, like cargo nets, slides and swings, as well as an awesome air powered foam ball cannon area, which as you can tell, Holly absolutely LOVED.

So, if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with a toddler in Essex, then I would certainly recommend that you check this place out. It was pretty cheap (We only paid for Atlas, as 2 parents can supervise one child) there is loads of great parking available and it is really quiet during the morning toddler sessions – “Jump Tots”

We hope you enjoyed watching Atlas’ adventures in bouncing…

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