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Parenting can be tough, so its important to remember to look after yourself, take time out and occasionally treat yourself.

That’s exactly what TheTinyMumma did in this weeks vlog, by having an extra long bubble bath.

In honour of Channel Mum’s great “Treat Yourself” competition, Holly bought an item from each shop (Primark, Lush and Boots) to really pamper herself.

She opted for Himalayan bath salts, a bubbly bath bomb and some snuggly new pyjamas. If you want to treat yourself too, the easiest way is to enter the competition by following the steps below:


1 Watch our “TREAT YOURSELF” vlog
2 SUBSCRIBE to Channel Mum here:
3 Fill out the entry form here:

Be sure to let us know if you’re a winner – Best of luck.

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