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Welcome to Channel Mum’s fertility course; in this latest video Dr Larisa Corda shares her top tips if you’re trying to conceive and reveals some useful and simple switches that you can make to your everyday lifestyle when you’re on this journey, which should improve your chances of getting pregnant.

How To Get Pregnant

Dr Larisa explains why a healthy diet and positive mindset are both key factors when you’re trying to for baby. From drinking plenty of water to eating as much organic food as possible and keeping a positive mindset.

Meditation, acupuncture and relaxation exercises, it can all help – please don’t give up hope!

Watch the full video to see what Dr Larisa advises you should NOT do if you’re trying to conceive.

Are you struggling with fertility issues and need someone to talk to? You Are Not Alone, head over to the Channel Mum support group now, where there is always someone ready to listen

We also have a list of the top 10 foods for fertility, as recommended by Dr Larisa Corda. Check it out here.

And if you’re wondering how that amazing fertility smoothie is made, you can get the recipe right here!

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