Veg For Victory Weaning Challenge With Ella’s Kitchen & Channel Mum | ad

Channel Mum

Emily, Jess and Rhiannon, were set the Tiny Veggie Tasters challenge by Ella’s Kitchen, see how they got on…

What is the #vegforvictory campaign?

Ella’s Kitchen recommends that you wean your baby on vegetables alone for the first two weeks, rather than giving them any sweet foods, such as fruit and cereals. By doing this, you should have a positive impact on their love of food and in particular, vegetables.

When to start weaning?

Based on recommendations by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, the Department of Health issued guidelines that weaning should begin at 6 months. If you’re considering weaning your baby earlier than the recommended 6 months, always speak to your health visitor before you start.

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Taking part in this video are:

Emily Norris
Rhiannon Ashlee
Jess Avey