#Vlogmas Final Day 27 – Our Christmas Meal, on Boxing Day! Myah goes SHOPPING!!

MyahZine TV

#Vlogmas day 27 and we spend Boxing Day having Christmas Lunch! Who likes sprouts?? Then Myah wants to go shopping to spend her Christmas money… What does she buy?!

Stay tuned for more #vlogmas updates this December!

We are a new family vlogging/reviewing/testing/creating/baking channel. We love to have lots of fun and love making things!

Myah is ten and loves singing, acting, dancing, writing & drawing and watching YouTube! She is in year 4 (4th Grade) of Primary School & we live in Wales, UK. She has a big sister called Tia & a big brother called Harry (who has his own teenage/adult gaming channel called PARSONATOR). We have three cats called Billie-Belle, Ace-Americano and Daisy-Boo.

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Love Myah, Ceri & Matt xxx

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