Vlogmas-Week 1 Highlights

The Hippy Christian Mum

A mash-up of my favourite bits out of all my week one videos. We’re on day 10 of Vlogmas today so it’s been a bit longer than a week but it’s Saturday so it’s the end of the week. Let me know which was your favourite video of mine or yours of this last week in the comments below, and comment to let me know if you are doing vlogmas so I can come and check out your vids too!
Hi I’m Kate I blog over at https://www.thehippychristianmum.com about our family life.
I’ve taken up the Vlogmas hashtag challenge to post a video a day in the lead up to Christmas. Follow along with me as I post vids of my family and I preparing for Christmas. Present wish lists, shopping hauls, festive days out and days in our life as we go to our church. We are a family of four (mum, dad & 2 kids) from South Wales, U.K.
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