What I Eat to Loose Weight – Week 1 | Healthy Meal Ideas | VEGAN

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Hi Guys! Apologies for the delayed upload! My WiFi was totally playing up on Sunday night and all of Monday, so I couldn’t get anything uploaded to YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: As annoying as I find these, I find it very important to point out that I am not a trained nutritionist or anything of the sort. My limited knowledge of food comes from magazines, TV and google. So please, consult a health care professional for advice on healthy eating habits that can be advised specific to you and your needs. I have created this video only to provide inspiration and to hopefully give those that may need it, the motivation to start their own healthy weight loss journey.

Now that that’s over with…….

This is going to be one of my regular uploads since refocusing my channel on things which are currently very important to me. I enjoy trying to eat healthy and get fit, so there will more than likely be a lot more food hauls and “What I eat in a week videos” as these are subjects I’m currently passionate about.

Don’t worry though, there will still be plenty of hauls and I have also decided to start doing some daily vlogging as well. More on that in a different video…..

As you can see this is what I ate the past week as a vegan, to try and loose weight and get myself eating a more varied and healthier diet. As you will see though, it is not free completely from some quick snack meals and processed foods…….I’m not perfect.

This is only the start of my weight loss/healthy living journey and I’m recording this not only for you guys, but mainly for myself, so that I can look back on it and see how far I have come.

If you want to join me on this journey then please do. Feel free to leave your comments below on any weight loss advice you have or any questions you want to ask.

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