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About us:

We are a family of 3 + 2 dogs! Myself (Sammy) and my husband Damien have been married since September 2015. We have been together for 4 years and have just had our first baby Harry born on the 1st July this year. He was a planned honeymoon baby and he has changed our lives dramatically. We couldnt imagine life without him and life before him seems so boring!
Damien unfortunately works away quite alot and that is the main reason for me creating this channel. He is now away for 3 months and was worried he would miss little bits of Harrys development. So I said I would film every single day. As a personal challenge I said I would do 100 days… no matter how boring the day is. My second reason for doing this is I want to be able to look back on Harrys life and development myself, and keep it all documented. And also im doing this to hopefully connect with other mums in a similar boat to me!
As my husband works away life can get a little lonely, especially in the evenings so its comforting talking to the camera sometimes 🙂 Being a first time mum is scary, so although im currently ‘winging’ it its lovely to see how many other mums are on here to share experience and advice.

One more thing to add to this is that the name “Sammy Bird” comes from “Bird” being my (affectionate suprisingly) nickname from Damien! And my surname is faaaar too long and hard to spell to include in a channel name haha.

If youve read this far I hope you enjoy my channel, and feel free to Like and Subscribe if you do!

Sammy x