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Mums have something very special in common. Once you become a mum you join a group of women who are going through similar experiences to you and understand the joys (and struggles) of raising little ones. Sleep deprivation, nappy changes, playing peekapoo over and over and over again. Yes, us mums have many things in common – and yet we are all so different.

Surrogates, single mums, adoption, IVF and same-sex parents are just a few of the terms that have redefined what a family is, and we couldn’t be happier about it. It doesn’t matter how you become a mum, it only matters that you are one. Real parenting comes after the child is born, and yet so many mums feel excluded from the ‘mum club’ because they haven’t been through pregnancy or because they don’t fit that traditional ‘nuclear family’ mold.

Pregnancy doesn’t make you a mother. Mothering a child makes you a mother.

What Is A Nuclear Family?

The nuclear family is a pretty old fashioned idea of what a ‘typical’ family should look like. It’s that annoyingly happy family you see in sitcoms and cheesy adverts that depict a husband, wife, 2 kids and a dog. Nowadays we’re seeing more and more different types of family emerging, from single parents to blended families, from adoptive mums to two-mum families. And who’s to say that any one type of family is the right one?

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