What NOT to say to a surrogate | Real surrogates compilation

Lisa Lum

As a surrogate we hear a lot of things… Some are rude, offensive or mean and some are just outright funny. So here is what NOT to say to a surrogate!
Featuring real surrogates including Michelle from No womb for humour. I’ll link her channel here.

I’m Lisa, aka Lumdeedums and this is my little corner of odd.
I have 3 children of my own, 1 boy and 2 girls with my husband, Darren.
I do WITL, hauls, cooking, hair dos and random stuff alongside documenting my journeys as a surrogate.
I do both TS (Traditional surrogacy) and GS (Gestational Surrogacy).
I’ve had one surrogate baby so far as a traditional surrogate and am now documenting my journey as a Gestational Surrogate!

Our youngest child is undergoing diagnosis for special needs. Suspected ASD and SPD.
This process will be documented too.

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