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Have you just become a new mum to a tiny newborn? Do you want to know what to expect with every week of your baby’s life? And how other mums feel postpartum? Well, you’ve come to the right place. From the early newborn days, when you want to know how much your baby should eat and sleep, to weaning advice, or when your baby will start to walk and turn into a toddler. Channel Mum have got you covered.

How are you feeling at as a new mum?

Let us know in the comments below, how you’re doing! Not only will these videos give you all of the advice and information about your baby’s development in their first year of life. But you can see how other mums, just like you, have been finding it too. Whether that’s how they deal with lack of sleep, or how they feel about their mum tums.

Welcome to your mum village. Even through the ups and the downs of motherhood, you are not alone and hopefully these videos will show you that. Plus, if you want to find like-minded mums, come and join our Facebook Group and say hello! https://www.facebook.com/groups/channelmumgroup/

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Taking part in this video is:

Dolly Bow Bow
Jess Avey
Charlotte Louise Taylor
Emily Norris
Mrs Meldrum
Ysis Lorenna
Land of Lawson
Katie Ellison
Corrine & Matt
Lauren Hampshire
Sarah – This Mama Life
Laura Jayne

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