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Research by Gumtree has discovered some surprising facts about the cost of preparing for a new baby, so we asked Kate, Charlotte, Jess and Jules to test their knowledge with the Gumtree challenge, watch the full video to see how they got on.

What to buy for a baby?

Shopping for a new baby can be a minefield, it’s so difficult to know which items are essential and worth spending money on. To discover what most parents buy and how much they spend, we asked Charlotte, Kate, Jess and Jules to try and answer the following questions:

Q1: How much do new parents spend on their pushchair, cot and nursery furniture? A) £1,421 B) £1,100 C) £959
Q2: What percentage of new parents do you think buy a bigger house or new car for their expanding brood? A) 48% B) 15% C) 10%
Q3: What did you worry most about as a parent? Can you guess the top three?
Q4: How much money do you think is wasted nationally on unused baby items? A) £10m B) £100m C) £303m

Put your answers in the comments below, then head on over HERE to see the full challenge and the answers to the pop quiz.

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Taking part in this video:

Charlotte Taylor
Kate Bridge
Jess Ashe
Jules Furness

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