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The kids may have only just broken up from school (unless you’re in Scotland or Northern Ireland, in which case, you’re nearly there!) but it’s never too early to stock up on school uniform for the year ahead. With supermarkets swimming with the stuff, it can be hard to know which school uniforms are a bargain and which are best to steer clear from.

To help you make a decision, we put school uniforms from some of the main high street stores and supermarkets to the test. We tested what their durability and washability was like, as well as the opninions of the people who really matter – our littles ones who are going to be wearing them!

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Which store will you be getting your school uniforms from this year?

Who has the best quality school uniforms?

All of the uniforms we tested seemed to have pros and cons. Some were super comfy and durable, but their sizing was a little off. Some washed really well but were a little itchy. Check out the full video to find out what we thought of each store.

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