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Last month Channel Mum launched the YANA challenge aimed at helping mums to feel less lonely. Nilly explains how she took the challenge, which involved smiling at others mums and guess what happened? Not a single person smiled back. Shocking! But she’s not giving up that easily…

Statistics show that 35% of mums admit they wouldn’t approach another mum if she was wearing a hijab.

Why do Muslim women wear a hijab?

Muslim mum, Nilly explains that while every woman has their own personal reasons for wearing a hijab, her reasons include showing people she is a Muslim women, allowing people to acknowledge her personality over her looks and also more practical reasons, like they’re great at covering up bad hair days.

Will you take the hijab challenge?

So, she’s set you the Hijab Challenge. Take a couple of minutes to watch her video and see what it’s about. Learn, share and support Nilly today … why not tag a friend or take your own photo but most of all please say ‘Hi’ to a Hijabi mum so she knows she’s not alone. As Nilly says, “see past the scarf and see the person” – we’re all mums going through the same thing so the more we’re together, the better it will be.

Not sure how to wear a hijab? Check out this tutorial from Nilly for some tips

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