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Childbirth rarely goes exactly to plan, but having a birth plan means that your midwife, doula, or partner know which aspects of having your baby are the most important to you, and ensure that your choices are at the forefront of your experience. Whether planning a home birth, going natural and drug-free, or having access to an epidural is what you’d prefer, there’s room for all of those decisions in your birth plan. In this vlog, Natasha talks to pregnant mums and asks what they’re including on their birth plan, as well as tips for anyone writing theirs.

Do I have to write a birth plan?

Whilst some mums choose to give birth without a written-out birth plan, it is best to at least have an idea of what you’d like for your birth – where you’d like to give birth, whether at home or in a hospital, and whether you’d like a birthing companion with you, for example – so that you can be best prepared. Whether you scribble it down on paper, or just chat to your midwife or partner about what you’d like, having a rough idea can help you get comfortable about giving birth.

What do I need to include on my birth plan?

What you put on your birth plan is entirely up to you; some mums-to-be find they have one or two very specific requests, whereas some feel as though they want to keep it as straightforward as possible. Generally, though, most birth plans will state where you’d like to give birth, whether you’d like pain relief, and whether you’d like a midwife or doula with you.

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