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Sometimes birth isn’t as simple as going into labour and pushing a baby out. There can be lots of different types of complications, which can result in needed assistance from the hospital. In Ysis’ case, her baby was measuring a little bit small at her 36 week scan, so to be on the safe side she was booked in for a planned induction. Planned, but still not smooth sailing.

You would have thought that being booked in for your birth a week in advance would make things easy, but poor Ysis arrived at the hospital to find that there weren’t enough beds. Watch the video to see what happened next!

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How To Induce Labour

A medical induction like Ysis’ only happens if you are more than 42 weeks pregnant, or if there are complications. If you are still less than 42 weeks pregnant and are sitting at home wishing that baby would get a move on, we feel your pain! Remember that baby will arrive when he or she is ready. But if you want to be proactive, there are some old wive’s tales that you can have fun trying out. You never know, they may work! These old wives tales include exercising, spicy foods and sex! Not a bad way to spend your last few pregnant days.

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